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My name is Lori Block. But you can call me LB.

I'm a consultant. But I'm also an avid swimmer. A world traveler. A dog lover. An insatiable learner and voracious reader.  In other words, a human. A human who, throughout my 25+-year consulting career, which has been laser-focused on HR, total rewards, employee benefits, and employee engagement, has always strived to prioritize the individual while serving the needs of my clients and the organizations they serve.

I didn't "grow up" in the HR profession — in fact, I began my professional career as a sports writer (but that's a story for a different day, and venue).


Because I came to the world of HR a bit late, I couldn't help but challenge the status quo, asking such questions as…

> Why were benefits (still) designed the way they were?

> Why did rewards programs, such as equity compensation and retirement plans, have to be so confusing to participants?

> Why are individuals’ wellbeing needs addressed in silos rather than considered in total?

> Why are the needs of users not considered first when designing or deploying technology?

And in recent years... Why shouldn't "corporate social responsibility" (aka CSR/ESG/Sustainability) begin at home, in the workplace?

Thinking 1_edited.jpg


Asking these questions, while taking the time to understand the needs of the clients I served, enabled me to address the needs of both organizations and their employees.

Working with talented colleagues throughout my career, I delivered practical yet often innovative solutions on behalf of employers across industries and market size, ranging from organizations with fewer than 100 employees to Fortune 50 multi-nationals.

Ever curious, and desiring to make the world a better place, I became "ESG-certified," completing the rigorous and expansive Environmental, Social, Governance Strategy program offered through the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business.


In establishing emHrge™, I've committed  to putting Humanity at the center of all that we do.™ And, I've carefully selected a group of like-minded independent and boutique consulting partners to expand our capabilities.


The result is that emHrge can advise, guide, and provide hands-on support to employers across the total rewards & wellbeing spectrum, from strategic planning and data analytics, from program design and change management to communications and stakeholder engagement. This same know-how is also available to HR solution providers. Visit our Employer and Solution provider pages to learn more.

If you're intrigued enough to learn more, let's chat. Visit our Get in Touch page or book a meeting. You can also learn more about Lori by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

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