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emHrge consulting LLC may be
the new kid on the block...

But we are not. Our consulting experience spans decades.

And throughout those years, we've consistently served clients in a way that achieved their objectives and frequently exceeded their expectations, building deep, long-lasting relationships in the process. Our track record is one in which we successfully delivered effective strategies and innovative solutions for employers in the technology, media, health care, and retail industries (to name a few), as well as public sector employers.

As a newly formed entity, though, emHrge™ doesn't have a long list of clients and completed projects... yet. Below you'll find a mix of emHrge-led engagements and past work that highlight some of our capabilities. We also invite you to check out our testimonials.

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Bridging desire to delivery

One of emHrge's first clients is a U.K.-based professional services firm, one that committed itself to giving back to the communities in which it does business and to the profession it's a part of. While the commitment's there, the firm doesn't yet have a clear vision of what it seeks to accomplish through its give-back program or how it will go about delivering on that vision. 


Question: How can they go about delivering on their vision, thereby fulfilling its commitment, in a meaningful, high-impact, and fiscally responsible way? 


Turning a vision into an executable roadmap
(prior experience)

After three years of delivering excellent work on time and on budget, a client for whom the founder of emHrge was the client executive turned to us for a much more strategic assignment: turning their bold mission and vision for the future of employee wellbeing — in the fullest sense of that word — across their global businesses into an executable roadmap.

Question: Where and how should their team begin?

Trip Planning


Engaging stakeholders:
Ensuring success from the start

(prior experience)

How do you overhaul a long-standing component of a total rewards program without causing chaos in the form of confusion and dismay, thereby avoiding disruption across the workplace? By engaging your stakeholders in the change process, in a genuine way. Easily said, but with a highly diverse and distributed workforce, where online access was the exception not the rule not easily done, particularly on a tight timeline.


Question: How to proceed quickly and effectively?

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