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Program assessments
and gap analysis

Einstein counseled that problems can't be solved with the same thinking that created them. The corollary to this is that you can't solve problems if you don't understand where they exist and what they really are. And with so much having changed in society and the     world of work, examining the problems through a modern lens is a key step in making your vision a reality.


The emHrge approach to assessing and identifying gaps in an organization's HR/total rewards programming builds on proven approaches by adding a new perspective. Our approach is designed to answer this fundamental question:


Are your benefits and compensation programs and HR policies equitable, accessible, and effective —
both in terms of costs and outcomes — across all dimensions of diversity?


We'll help you answer this question through a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Working under strict non-disclosure rules, our network of subject matter experts are equipped to:

  • Perform robust analyses of your demographic, financial, and program data.

  • Review your program designs, with an eye toward how well aligned they are with your vision and guiding principles.

  • Determine the extent to which your existing programs address your various stakeholders' needs.


Together, we'll determine how well your HR/total rewards programming is performing, answering another fundamental question in the process:

Is the investment you're making reaching the right people at the right time in the right way, delivering the desired outcomes in a fiscally sustainable manner?


Because we're guided in our work by the United Nation's Sustainable Development goals, and have expertise in stakeholder capitalism, we can also consider the extent to which your programs are aligned with and furthering your organization's sustainability goals (also referred to as ESG or CSR goals).

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