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This isn't thought leadership as you may know it.

It's thought leadership as it's meant to be.

Informative. Thought Provoking. Engaging. Igniting. Practical. Thought leadership can and should be all of those things, and that's the type of thought leadership we're striving to deliver to our clients, partners, and followers.


Our thought leadership comes in a variety of forms. It's embedded, of course, in every client deliverable. It's also available to you through these channels:

Blog Posts

Published Works

Speaking Engagements


Speaking Engagements
o engage and ignite your audience, be they members of an association, executives and leaders within your organization, managers and employees.


Whether you've been given the task to find:

  • An engaging and interesting speaker for an upcoming event at work or in your broader professional community

  • Individuals who can effectively facilitate a brainstorming workshop or roadmapping exercise, or some other group meeting; or,

  • Engage your stakeholders through focus groups or one-on-one interviews...


You've come to the right place.


Collectively, our team has spoken at numerous HR and total rewards industry events, facilitated workshops of all kinds across a wide spectrum of organizations, and conducted "stakeholder sensing" on myriad topics — all too numerous to count.


To learn more, reach out and let us know what you're looking for and we'll let you know if we can engage and ignite your audience.

- On the Road Again -

Where: San Diego.

When: June 12-14

Why: We're presenting 2 sessions at Total Rewards '23,
WorldatWork's preeminent conference. 

Join me and my co-presenters as we explore the intersection between total rewards and diversity, equity & inclusion, and have some fun providing tips, in a truly unique and engaging way, to designing effective total rewards programs.

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