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New Perspectives: How Work, Rewards and Benefits Have Evolved Over the Past Century

>>>Publication: WorldatWork's Journal.

In this paper, the authors explore key forces of change to show how the present-day employer-employee relationship has evolved, what lessons were learned that built the workforce of the 21st century, what challenges are looming, and how some employers are responding to them. The paper was repurposed to serve as the introduction to WorldatWork's seminal Handbook of Total Rewards (2nd edition).


High Tech, High Touch
Remembering the 'Human' in HR

>>>Publication: WorldatWork WORKSPAN

Here the authors provide tips on how to deploy technology, successfully and at scale, without losing the individual, personal touch in the process.

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Benefit Innovations in Employee Behavioral Health

>>>Publication: ISCEBS Benefits Quarterly

In the wake (and ongoing challenges) of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health care is front page news. In this prescient article, the co-authors examined the business impact  of behavioral/mental health concerns in the workplace and examined the innovations underway in this area. With many of these innovations in place today, and more on the way, this article maintains its relevance.

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How to Help Employees Ease into Retirement

>>>Publication: WorldatWork WORKSPAN

There was a time when it seemed no one talked about retirement. But today it's different. With employees re-evaluating not just their relationship with their employer but their relationship with work, being able to retire is a goal many are pursuing with great urgency. But, as the authors explore in this article, retiring "well" requires individuals adopt a "total wellbeing" strategy... and some employers are helping them in their journeys. 

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Getting Personal: How Data Can Engage Employees

>>>Publication: Pension Investment Association of Canada

Wherever you are on your HR technology journey, it's important to remember that it's about your people, not the tech... or at least it should be. Here the authors explore how engaging employees holistically on a personalized level can result in improved outcomes for the individual and a greater return on investment for the organization.

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