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Purpose-built, built for purpose.

At emHrge™ our consultants aim to advance individual and community wellbeing and to improve the world of work, while helping organizations deliver meaningful value to all stakeholders.

When you choose emHrge, you gain access to values-driven advice and know-how, as well as a can-do spirit.


Our team is united around a common purpose: 

Helping organizations deliver benefits, compensation, and other human-centric programs and policies in a manner that's equitable and inclusive, flexible and responsive, and sustainable.

We Believe

  • Business can and must be a force for good.

  • Only when a diverse group of people can perform at their best can organizations achieve great things.

  • All that an organization does must be aligned with its values; and those values, in turn, should support a greater good.

  • As members of socieity, shareholders and investors reap the greatest total returns when the wellbeing of all individuals operating within a business' ecosystem — employees, customers, suppliers, and communities — is advanced.

We work with you to challenge accepted norms.

  • Why are benefits designed the way they are?

  • Why do rewards programs have to be so confusing?

  • Why are individuals’ needs addressed in silos rather that as a whole?

  • Why are user needs not considered when designing technology?

  • Why shouldn't personal values be central to our business behaviors?


Corporate social responsibility (or ESG if that's the term you prefer) is our guiding light.


Businesses and institutions play an important role in society. If as a global society we're to successfully address our biggest problems and reach even greater heights, employers will have played a big part in humanity's future achievements, just as they've done so across the centuries. 


So, regardless of the term you and your organization uses, our purpose is to help you fulfill your Social commitments. It's our goal to help you boost your organization’s results while advancing human wellbeing, starting within your workplace and then beyond it.


Working in collaboration with all of your stakeholders, and bringing together team members from across the HR function, including total rewards, DEI, and other areas, we'll help your organization deliver benefits, compensation, and other human-centric programs and policies in a manner that is equitable, inclusive, and accessible to all employees and sustainable for the organization.


We do this with a mind to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a valuable framework that can be used as meaningful benchmarks, guiding us in our work together. You can learn more about the SDGs — and gain a more in-depth understanding of what underpins our principles  by signing up to receive this guide as soon as it's hot off the (virtual) presses.

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