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Strategic visioning & roadmapping

Strategic visioning & roadmapping

Do you have a vision and are now ready to turn that vision into something you and your team can execute on? Are you struggling to prioritize competing priorities? Or, have you    made the brave decision to take a long-overdue step back from what you're doing today and chart a bold new course for the future? Perhaps your big-picture needs don't fit neatly into any of these scenarios. Whatever strategic support you need, we can help.

Our practical yet fun (yes, we said fun!) approach will help you and your team set a course for future success.

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Strategic visioning &
goal setting

This is where the fun begins. Leveraging several proven techniques, we'll help you and your team dream big. What is the future you desire? How can you make a greater impact on the success of your organization? What will it take to create a holistically "healthy" population?

Together, we'll examine these and other questions. The answers will then guide us as we develop (or refine) your vision and (establish) your guiding principles.

Objective setting & prioritizing

In this stage we figuratively (or literally) post your inspiring vision and guiding principles so they are front in mind as we establish, then prioritize your objectives. But first, we need to assess how well your HR/total rewards plans, policies, and/or programs are performing in the context of your vision and guiding principles. At this stage, the assessment may be limited to a general analysis of existing data, including stakeholder feedback (either formal or anecdotal).*

Using various tools, equipped with these insights, we'll then facilitate discussions designed to:

  • Identify what's working, what's not, and what could be done better.

  • Brainstorm new or enhanced approaches and offerings.

  • Set agreed-upon objectives.

  • Assess the degree of difficulty and level of impact of future changes.

  • Prioritize actions.

*emHrge can help you perform a deep-dive assessment of any or all of your programs. Learn more about our assessment services here.


With the insights gathered in the previous steps, we'll roll up our sleeves and develop an executable roadmap. This roadmap:

  • Clearly articulates your vision and guiding principles.

  • Details your objectives and priorities.

  • Establishes a high-level timeline for implementing the agreed-upon changes.

  • Documents key activities and requirements.

Additionally, we can provide a high-level change management and communications plan.

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