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Welcome to emHrge

How do we achieve a more equitable, inclusive workplace?Take our new survey to learn more.

We invite you to take a moment and reflect on your own needs and circumstances — and how these new insights can help deepen your understanding of, and empathy for, the needs of your employees. Our survey combines the AgileBrain self-assessment with additional questions that will illuminate the varying characteristics among participants. See our Survey Overview for more details.

Emerge [ ih-murj ]: To “move out of or away from something and come into view;” to “become apparent, important, or prominent;” and to “become known” as it relates to facts or circumstances.


We're at a turning point in the history of Humanity 

and the world of work.

We're emerging into something new. 


We’re moving away from the longstanding 9-to-5, office-bound way of working.

We’re at critical juncture when it comes to sustaining our way of life.

We must embrace new ways  of doing things to protect our people and our planet, as well as sustainable profits.

Against this backdrop emHrge™ was born.
Not because the world needs another HR consulting firm, but because the world does need a Humanity-at-the-center consulting firm.


When you choose emHrge, you gain access to high-caliber strategic advice and technical know-how under one umbrella. We offer a variety of enabling services for employers and solution providers in the HR space. They've been designed specifically to help you deliver programs and solutions that enable your organization to achieve its financial and societal objectives, and help your constituents realize their wellbeing goals — professionally, physically, emotionally, financially, and socially. 

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